Regional Hospital Administrator

Mark spent most of his free time as a child chasing reptiles around northern Arizona and southern California. He joined the U.S. Army after high school which gave him the opportunity to chase reptiles around the southeastern United States, Europe, and the Middle East. Mark has cared for and raised many species of reptiles over the years. Although reptiles are his primary interest, he has a strong passion for all exotic pets. He currently spends most of his free time fishing at Arizona’s desert lakes or photographing rattlesnakes.  

Hospital Manager (Phoenix)

Joy was born and raised in the very small town of Cut Off, Louisiana. She's pretty much as Cajun as they come and is from a family of commercial shrimpers. She moved to Lafayette, Louisiana in 2011 to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. There she was able to get hands on experience in small animal mixed practice, emergency, and specialty medicine. In 2017 she became an RVT. In 2018 she decided to take an even bigger leap and moved to Phoenix to further her career options and became a CVT and landed here.

Hospital Manager (Tucson)

Natasha has been a Tucson resident since 2003. She attended the Univeristy of Arizona where she earned a Bachelor's Degree in Veterinary Science with a Minor in Chemistry. She has worked in the veterinary field since 2008. In addition to the MANY animals that she has met and loved over the years, Natasha has her own animal family consisting of her leopard gecko, Belinda and 2 rescued cats Coupe deVille and Vee. Aside from her passion for the four legged, winged, furry, and scaly, Natasha loves to read, watch movies, listen to music, and travel.

Administrative Assistant

Lisa's had a love for animals ever since she was a little girl. She always knew she wanted to work with animals. Lisa began working with exotics when she lived in California. She continued her passion for working with exotics when she moved to Arizona and found us in 2018. She lives at home with her husband, two dogs (Blue and Mac), her bearded dragon, Budra and her Sulcata, Charger.

Director of Inventory & Vendor Management

Ron grew up in the beautiful Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania and ventured to Arizona for warmer weather over 20 years ago.  His continued love for the Sonoran Desert and the Superstition Wilderness Area is what still keeps him here.  Ron joined AZEAH in 2015 as Inventory Manager.  He keeps us well supplied with all of our hospital needs as well as maintaining healthy relationships with all of our vendor partners.  In his spare time he enjoys mountain biking, backpacking in the Superstition Mountains, and spending time with his wife and two sons. 

Lead Technicians

Rebecca Moffat, Lead Technician at our Mesa office, has loved all animals for as long as she can remember, and has been working in the veterinary field since 1998. Rebecca followed her passion for working with exotic pets in 2001 and has been working primarily with them ever since. Rebecca earned her Veterinary Technician Certification in 2010. In her spare time she is a volunteer with the Phoenix Herpetological Society and Liberty Wildlife. She also rehabilitates bats for many wildlife groups.


Kenna is originally from Vegas and moved to Phoenix 2 years ago. While working in various veterinary hospitals and shelters, her love for animals has grown every day. Currently Kenna has one dog, a bearded dragon and two rescue kittens. In her free time she loves going on hikes, painting, and volunteering at local shelters. Kenna aspires to become a certified veterinary technician.

Karisma was born in Phoenix, Arizona but she grew up in San Jose, CA before eventually moving back to Phoenix. She went to the New School for the Arts and Academics Performing Arts before going to Pima Medical Institute.
She has two German Shepherds Apollo and Buddha, a poodle Stella, a Chihuahua Sweetie and 4-year-old rescued Red Tail Boa named Lux. When she isn’t at work she enjoys sketching, digital art, sculpting, painting, and gaming.

MaKayla has been an Arizona resident her entire life. She has a passion for all animals and hopes to one day become a veterinarian. She has been working in veterinary medicine for 3 years and counting. She currently has a bearded dragon named Finn and a cat named Jojo.

Born here in the valley, Ramona is a Phoenix native who loves the desert and all of the creatures that inhabit it. Desert hikes with her family were opportunities to turn over the rocks off the trails and catch the centipedes, millipedes, and scorpions hiding under them. Her animal career began as a volunteer in an animal shelter and has eventually led her here to Arizona Exotic Animal Hospital, where she enjoys working with clients and their unique and beautiful pets.

Nikki moved to Phoenix 4 years ago from Tucson. She is a certified veterinary assistant and she is passionate about shelter and volunteer work.  She worked in shelter and animal welfare for nearly 10 years before shifting her focus to exotic animal medicine. She has many  reptiles at home, as well as dogs and a cat.  Nikki aspires to become a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. She loves to read and hike in her spare time.

Originally from northern California, Jessica is currently a student at Arizona State University, working on a B.S. in Biology with a minor in Spanish. Her dream job is to work in zoo medicine and/or conservation to work with lions, tigers, and bats (oh my!). Jessica grew up with an array of animals including guinea pigs, rabbits, rats, snakes, cats and dogs. Currently, she's a pet mom to 4 cats and a small terrier. You'll notice that her hair will change colors on a bi-weekly basis as she's always trying a new color or design.

Nicole is a Tucson native and wouldn’t change our beautiful sunsets for any other view. When she first rescued her bearded dragon, Dragonair, she knew her passion was with reptiles. She has a love for all things with fur, feathers and scales. She is currently working towards completing the veterinary technician program at Pima Medical Institute. In her spare time Nicole enjoys hanging out with her animals and practicing sign language.

Certified Veterinary Technicians

Ben graduated from Mesa Community College in 2015 with an Associates in Animal Science and earned his veterinary technician certification the same year. Ben has lived in Arizona his entire life.  He has 2 snakes, 2 dogs, 2 cats, and 3 Leopard Geckos. In his spare time he enjoys going to the movies, Disc Golfing, and playing Playstation.

Kara is new to Arizona having recently moved from Massachusetts but mainly grew up in Tennessee. As a licensed veterinary techician, she acquired her LVMT from Chattanooga State in 2014, then transferred her LVMT to a CVT in 2015 after moving to New England. Kara has primarily worked in small Animal emergency since becoming a technician, switching to specialty in 2017 where she worked Cardiology for three years, then most recently working in diagnostic imaging prior to her move to Arizona to work exclusively with exotic pets.

Carl was born and raised in Arizona. He has spent his whole life working around many different animals. He knew from a very young age that he wanted a life-long career in the animal field. In 2019 he received his veterinary technician certification and is currently finishing his prerequisites for veterinary school. In his spare time when he is not studying or at work he enjoys spending time outdoors with his family. He has 7 exotic pets, and is continuing to expand.

Jenae was born in Kansas, loving the fireflies and frogs; she moved to Arizona in 1993.  Here she appreciates different animals and their environments.  She has always had an interest in animals and their ecosystems, therefore, coming to Arizona has been very exciting for her.

Kathryn was born and raised in Mississippi until the age of 8 before her family moved to Arizona. Even before that she knew that she absolutely loved animals and wanted to work with them when it came time to choose a career. While living out in the middle of nowhere didn’t provide many shadowing opportunities, she was able to work with her own animals on her family’s small ranch/farm and it was then that her desire to become a veterinarian solidified.

Veterinary Technicians

Bo Nicole (Bo) has had a passion for animals as big as horses and as small as hamsters since she was young. Throughout high school and college, she volunteered at various animal shelters and zoos. Following graduation from Grand Canyon University, she completed an internship with Arizona Game & Fish to determine what field best suits her career desires. She recently made the decision to take on veterinary medicine and begin the application process for veterinary school.

Tegan has always wanted to work with animals and now it is all she does! She has owned and cared for a wide variety of animals throughout her life. Reptiles and wildlife have always been a favorite. Tegan has a degree in Wildlife Sciences and is continuing her education to further assist animals in need. When she is not working, she enjoys spending time with her family and her dog.

Kynadi has wanted to become a veterinary technician ever since she learned she could make a career out of helping animals.  She was able to make that dream come true in 2015 after graduating from Pima Medical Institute completeing their veterinary technician program. She has worked as a veterinary technician for 2 years with 1 year of exotic animal experience. Her goal is to one day specialize in anesthesia but as for now she is enjoying soaking up all the exotic animal knowledge she can while at Arizona Exotic Animal Hospital.

Heather was born in Phoenix, moved to CA and MA but has been living in Peoria, AZ for the last 25 plus years. She has had a love and interest in all kinds of animals since a young age. Heather has been working in the veterinary field since 2006 and is currently in school to become a CVT. Her journey includes general practice, being an aquarist at a zoo/aquarium, surgical technician and now working here at AZEAH fulfilling a lifelong dream of working with exotic animals in a veterinary setting. Heather loves and cares for 2 dogs, a giant day gecko and a cockatiel at home.

Brandon was born in Phoenix and grew up in Mesa. He graduated from Red Mountain High School in 2009, and later graduated from Northern Arizona University in 2014, obtaining a BS in Biology with a focus on Chemistry. Brandon has always had a long-term goal of becoming a veterinarian. He started as a receptionist at a local vet clinic in college, working and training his way up until he became a technician. He hopes in the near future to be admitted to vet school to continue his pursuit of becoming a veterinarian.

Sierra is a Tucson native and loves being surrounded by the beautiful mountains and cacti.  She is currently working on her Bachelor of Veterinary Science degree. Her passion has always been with reptiles, which has led her to her dream of becoming an exotic animal veterinarian. Sierra has a bearded dragon named Dratini and a rescue puppy named Hades whom she loves to go hiking with in her spare time.

Brittany is originally from a small town in Massachusetts and she ventured to the warmth of Tucson, Arizona for college. Brittany attended the University of Arizona and graduated with Honors with a degree in veterinary science in 2016. Brittany joined the AZEAH family in 2019 pursuing her interest of working with exotic animals. Brittany since then has taken an interest in avian medicine and surgery. In her free time she volunteers at Reid Park zoo, hikes the Arizona terrain with her three dogs, and enjoys to country swing dance.

Brendan was born in Colorado and has an innate passion for animals. In Colorado he worked as a keeper assistant at the Denver Zoo and has had the chance to work with a variety of animals from fruit bats to rhinos. In 2021, after attaining his Associates of Science, Brendan moved to Arizona to continue his education and escape the Colorado winters. He is currently finishing his degree in conservation biology and Ecology at ASU. After graduating, he aspires to be a conservationist with a goal of saving endangered species across the planet.

Veterinary Assistants

Bailey is an aspiring veterinarian. She has known that she was going to be a veterinarian ever since she was a little girl. She grew up in Indiana and never missed an opportunity to pick up any insects or small animals that came across her path. When she moved to Arizona at nine years old, she had to learn that not all insects or animals should be picked up, but she still admired them from a safe distance. She loves all the unique and wonderful creatures in the exotic practice and looks forward to seeing new and interesting patients every day.

Abril was born in Phoenix, AZ and later moved to Mexico where she and her family had the opportunity to interact with numerous farm animals. Her passion for animals began with her favorite childhood book, The Children’s Encyclopedia of Animals. Owing to her interest in large cats, namely, tigers and jaguars, she knew she wanted to work in exotic animal medicine. Abril joined the AZEAH family in 2021. She is currently working on her Bachelor of Veterinary Science degree at the University of Arizona.

Dakota grew up in Illinois but after surviving the winters for 16 years, moved here to the Arizona desert. He has grown up around animals small and large, domestic and exotic, and helped care for them in many ways in museums, zoos, sanctuaries and hospitals. He believes in doing anything he can for animals no matter if they bite or cuddle!

Kaylee was born in New Mexico and moved to Mesa when she was a baby. Ever since the age of seven, she knew she wanted to pursue a career in the veterinary field. She graduated Desert Ridge High School in 2017 and earned her Veterinary Assistant Certificate at East Valley Institute of Technology.  She is going to college to pursue a graduate degree and become a doctor of veterinary medicine.  She plans to travel to other countries to study species from different regions of the world. She has two dogs, two guinea pigs, and a kingsnake.

Emily has always had a passion for animals and their care. She has always wanted to have a career based around caring for exotics; having a mini zoo of her own filled with reptiles and a hedgehog. The favorite of her scaly children is her 4 foot long Asian water monitor named Pumpkin.

Ashlyn grew up in Gilbert, Arizona. She has had many exotic pets from tortoises to a guinea pig named Charlotte. Ashlyn's interest in exotic pets came from her father who has a large collection and interest in these creatures and is a veterinarian. She loves animals, especially her chocolate lab, Wentworth. She plans on going to college to pursue medicine.

Atim was born and raised in Wilmington, Delaware. Ever since middle school Atim knew she wanted to be a veterinarian and in 2018 began her schooling at the University of Arizona. She is
majoring in veterinary science with a minor in marine biology. She has a passion for traveling and has travelled to nine different countries and has lived in China and Colombia. She has two
pitbulls, a sphynx , two tortoises, and a leopard gecko. She plans on attending veterinary school with the goal of becoming an exotic veterinarian and opening her own wildlife rehabilitation

Director of Human Resources

Kendra graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a Bachelor’s degree in biology and later became a Certified Veterinary Technician. She worked for a veterinary dermatology specialty practice, where she had the opportunity to work with several animals at the Phoenix Zoo. She has also rehabilitated sick and injured raptors and other birds while volunteering at Liberty Wildlife. Her interest in exotic pets and wildlife/zoo animals led her to a career in exotic pet medicine.