Katrina Napier, AA

Katrina was born in Knox, Indiana and moved to Arizona in 2005. She has always had an interest in animals and obtained her Associates in Arts from Mesa Community College in May 2016 where she cared for all the exotic animals (a kangaroo rat, a pocket mouse, two salamanders, two desert toads, various constrictor snakes, two mud turtles, a crayfish, a black widow, a tarantula, desert tortoises, a bass, a chuckwalla, and desert iguanas) that Mesa Community College Life Science Department had. She also volunteered with Wildhorse Ranch Rescue in Gilbert, AZ caring for horses, mules, donkeys, and kittens for this rescue. Katrina has been working in education as an Administrative Assistant from December 2011 to May 2022 and is happy to refocus in a different work environment that involves animals again. She lives with her boyfriend and their basset hound, Clark Kent.