Our "waterfowl" category includes ducks, geese, and swans.


Many different species of bird fall into the category classified as waterfowl. Birds that belong to this group are members of the order Anseriformes and include ducks, geese and swans. Similar to chickens these birds have historically been kept for their meat and eggs but have also turned into pets or have been used for ornamental reasons. Ducks and geese have been domesticated and there are many different breeds.

Virulent Newcastle Disease

Virulent Newcastle Disease, also known as exotic Newcastle Disease, is one of the most deadly diseases of poultry worldwide causing death in almost 100% of unvaccinated birds that become infected. However, it can also cause disease and death in vaccinated birds. In early April 2019, the first case of this disease was diagnosed in northern Arizona.

At Home Care for Sick Birds

When a bird is very ill, it is often recommended that a “hospital cage” be created at home to provide an optimal environment for recovery. It is best to have a designated cage for this before an illness occurs in order to be well prepared. Your veterinarian will make specific recommendations for you based on your individual birds problem but the following information is often adequate for most basic at home hospital cages.