New Koi Quarantine Recommendations

Koi are wonderful, interactive and beautiful fish.  Unfortunately they do get sick just like any other animals.   Introducing a new fish to a pond without proper quarantine can have disastrous results because it can also introduce parasites, viruses, bacteria or other diseases into an established pond.   This can be devastating emotionally as well as financially.  Identifying problems in quarantine is easier and less expensive than allowing anything to get into the main pond.

Basic Care: Koi

Koi are extremely popular pets due to the growing number of people who enjoy backyard ponds.  While generally quite hardy with appropriate care, koi still come down with a variety of conditions that may be helped by working with a veterinarian.

Syringes - How Much Medication Is Needed?

Pets may be sent home with liquid medications.  An oral liquid medication must be given by mouth to be effective.  An injectable liquid medication must be given by injection beneath the skin to be useful.  Some injectable medications require that the medication is inserted into the muscle to be most effective.  It is important that you understand how to read the syringes that are sent home so your pet gets the proper amount of medication at each dose.

Can My Pet Make Me Sick?

All exotic pets, even ones that appear to be outwardly healthy, have the potential to carry and spread contagious diseases that can impact the health of people.  This sort of disease is called a "zoonosis", "zoonotic disease", or "zoonotic infection".