Tusk Trims

The adult canine teeth, also known as tusks, erupt at about one year of age and continue to grow throughout a pig's life. Tusks grow larger in boars (unneutered males) than sows (females). The tusks of a barrow (a male pig neutered while young) will not grow as quickly as in a boar. Tusks can grow quite large, and are often sharp. People and other pets can be injured by overgrown tusks.  The frequency of tusk trimming required depends on the age and sex of the pig.  Boars with larger, faster-growing tusks usually need trimming once or twice a year, depending on how short the owner prefers them to be kept. Sows only need trimming once every 1-2 years or so.  We prefer to trim tusks with a special wire saw designed for the surgical cutting of bone.  When performed correctly, the procedure is painless, and can usually be done without sedation or anesthesia.

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