Mark Hamilton, CVPM - Regional Hospital Administrator, Hospital Owner

Mark spent most of his free time as a child chasing reptiles around northern Arizona and southern California. He joined the U.S. Army after high school which gave him the opportunity to chase reptiles around the southeastern United States, Europe, and the Middle East. Mark has cared for and raised many species of reptiles over the years. Although reptiles are his primary interest, he has a strong passion for all exotic pets. He currently spends most of his free time fishing at Arizona’s desert lakes or photographing rattlesnakes.  

Emily, BS

Emily graduated for Iowa State University with a B.S. in Animal Ecology: Pre-Vet and Wildlife Care. While in school, Emily traveled to study marine ecosystems and coral reef restoration, as well as spent a semester working in marine animal rescue and Hawaiian monk seal conservation. She has spent the last few years as a zookeeper and worked with a wide variety of species from otters and octopus to giraffe, rhinos, and even Komodo dragons! Emily is passionate about animal behavior and positive reinforcement training!


Crystal was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. It wasn’t until the age of 25 where she decided it was time for a change and moved to Glendale, Arizona. As a child, she had a passion for all animals and since she can remember, her dream was always to work with and rehabilitate exotic animals. Over the years, she gained knowledge through working at an animal ranch with exotics to hosting private events for children in educating on different types of animals. Here at AZEAH, she hopes to grow in hopes of reaching her childhood dreams and helping save animals lives.


Ana is an Arizona native originally from Glendale.  Ana moved to Tucson to pursue a bachelor’s degree at the University of Arizona and after graduating in 2012, she stayed in Tucson to work in the veterinary field in a small animal emergency hospital while attending Pima Community College to obtain her associates in veterinary technology. 

Brandon, BSAS, CVA

Brandon was born and raised in Glendale, Arizona. He is a graduate of Washington State University where he obtained a Bachelor of science degree in Animal Science and was a Residential Advisor. He has experience working at Veterinary hospitals. He is an alumni of West-MEC and certified as an approved Veterinary Assistant since 2018. He enjoys working in the Veterinary Healthcare industry where his passion for animals shines through.

Hannah (Alex)

Alex has worked in customer service for 11 years and in the animal care field for 6 years. Born and raised in Arizona, her family is dedicated to breeding Belgian Tervurens. These dogs are trained as police canine unit members, security dogs, services animals as well as family members. Alex and her husband Erik are the proud owners of three fur babies.


Miranda was a military kid and naturally moved around. Miranda ended up mostly growing up in Michigan where she started her journey in the animal field. She first started as a volunteer at the Cascade Humane Society while she still attended high school. Once she had been volunteering for a bit they hired her on as staff, in the animal care department. From there it led her to move out to Arizona and started working her way up to become a technician, with hard work and dedication. She has been in the field for 16 years and really enjoys helping animals in need.

Tegan, BS

Tegan has always loved animals and really enjoys being able to help people understand how to properly take care of their own animals. She has a passion for reptiles and loves to learn about different species. 


From a very young age Melissa found herself around all kinds of animals. She was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona and grew up having owned cats, dogs, chickens, tortoises, guinea pigs, horses, goats and much more! She knew she would eventually work with animals for a career. She has spent the last 5 years caring for animals by working in shelters, kennels, and animal hospitals. She’s excited to care for all different kinds of patients at Arizona Exotic Animal Hospital.

Dr. Tess McPheeters, DVM

Tess McPheeters grew up in Arizona and attended a liberal arts college in Southern California. While there, she found a deep passion for wildlife rehabilitation, and quickly began to work towards becoming an exotic and wildlife veterinarian. She graduated from Kansas State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine in 2022. She has jumped at every opportunity to gain experience with exotic and wild animals all around the globe.

Outside of the clinic, she enjoys traveling, outdoor activities, and creating art pieces.