Preventative Care for Goats

Goats are becoming more popular as pets due to their fun-loving personalities.  Some people get goats with the idea that they will keep the lawn mowed and the weeds trimmed.  Others aspire to try their hand at milking their own goats and having fresh milk and homemade cheese.  Whatever your reason for acquiring pet goats, it is important to understand the basic preventative care that they require.  

We recommend annual wellness examinations for pet goats, which can help us detect minor problems before they become serious.  Annual vaccinations we may recommend include Clostridium perfringens C&D/Tetanus Toxoid and Rabies.   Like all other hooved animals, goats will need to have their hooves trimmed  on a regular basis.  The frequency of hoof trimming will depend on how active your goat is and the environment in which it lives.  We offer Fecal Testing for goats, and can dispense or recommend dewormers based on the test results.  When you bring your goat in for an examination, we can recommend a healthy diet based on life stage and any health concerns.  Proper nutrition is the one of the most important ways to prevent illness in goats.  We can also offer advice on other potential health issues in pet goats and what you can do to minimize risks.