Ear Mites in Ferrets

Does your ferret and scratch its ears as if it can't get the itching to stop?  Do you find dark reddish-brown chunky material coming out when it shakes its head?  If you answered yes, chances are your ferret has ear mites.

A sample of wax from you ferret's ears can be quickly examined using a microscope to find ear mites if they are present. Once a diagnosis of ear mites has been made, treatment can begin to clear the mites from your ferrets ears.  Of course there are many other conditions that can cause a ferret to shakes it's head or excessively scratch at its ears, so we always recommend a health consultation whenever you see these behaviors of dirty looking ears.

A microscope slide with the reddish-brown wax suggestive of ear mites




An ear mite egg just ready to hatch as seen under a microscope