Supplies for Parrots


Harrison’s High Potency Coarse: A formula that helps replace missing nutrients during the initial 6 months of diet conversion. Some species of birds may need High Potency year round.

Harrison’s Adult Lifetime Coarse: A year-round maintenance formula intended for healthy, non-breeding, and non-molting birds. Also available in hot pepper flavor.

Lafeber’s Avicakes, Nutriberries  and Pellet Berries: The combination of the science of pellets and the natural enrichment of whole fruits and vegetables with natural grains. Great for foraging opportunities

Harrison’s Bird Bread: A premium certified organic bread treat that you can bake for your bird at home

Harrison’s High Potency Mash: A premium certified organic diet for birds requiring critical nutrition in times of transition. Veterinary-formulated diet that can be served during periods of healing, weaning, breeding, molting, or conversion from seed-exclusive diets.

Harrison’s Lifetime Mash: A premium certified organic diet that can be used for healthy, non-breeding, non-molting birds in addition to other food in their diet. Can be used as a coating on pellets or seeds


HealX Omega-3 Sunshine Factor dietary supplement: non-synthetic sustainable omega-3 fatty acids, whole food nutrients and vitamin precursers for everyday wellness in all animals.

HealX Omega-3 Booster dietary supplement: Non-synthetic sustainable omega-3 fatty acids, whole food nutrients and vitamin precursers plus antimicrobial activity for sick, immune-compromised or weak animals. It may also help with allergies.

HealX Bird Builder dietary supplement: A natural trace mineral and iodine supplement for seed-eating birds.

HealX Releaves dietary supplement: A blend of sustainable red palm fruit oil and organic red raspberry leaves and extract. Used for animal with suspected hormonal imbalance and to reduce egg laying in birds.

Milk Thistle Seed extract (alcohol-free): An herbal supplement that promotes healthy liver functions

Edible Earth: A clay and mineral blend that soothes and detoxifies the digestive tract.

ProBios Dispersible Powder: A probiotics powder for all types of animals. Used to help support and promote healthy digestion

Benebac (Bird and Reptile): A gel providing a source of live, naturally-occuring microorganisms which help establish and maintain microbial population in the intestinal tract

Critical Care

Emeraid Avian/Omnivore: Highly digestible and absorbable assist feeding diets designed for critically ill animals.

Harrison’s Recovery Formula: A liquid assist feeding formula for ill birds.

HealX Soother Plus topical cream: A nontoxic natural pain reliever and antimicrobial cream for use on wounds of birds and small mammals

HealX Soother topical spray: A non-toxic soothing, topical spray with anti-itch and anti-inflammatory effects

HealX Rain topical spray: A non-toxic hydrating spray containing aloe vera that helps revitalize skin and feathers

Zn7 Derm Gel and Spray: A neutralized zinc based skin care topical that helps promote healing, soothes irritation, and relieves itching

Bitter Apple Spray: A spray-on taste deterrent to help prevent licking and chewing of wounds, surgical sites, etc.