Supplies for Parakeets and Cockatiels


Harrison’s High Potency- available in super-fine and fine: A formula that helps replace missing nutrients during the initial 6 months of diet conversion. Some species of birds may need High Potency year round.

Harrison’s Adult Lifetime – available in super-fine and fine: A year-round maintenance formula intended for healthy, non-breeding, and non-molting birds.

Lafeber’s Avicakes, Nutriberries, Pellet Berries, and Nutri-Meal Bars: The combination of the science of pellets and the natural enrichment of whole fruits and vegetables with natural grains. Great for foraging opportunities.

Harrison’s Bird Bread: A premium certified organic bread treat that you can bake for your bird at home

Harrison’s High Potency Mash: A premium certified organic diet for birds requiring critical nutrition in times of transition. Veterinary-formulated diet that can be served during periods of healing, weaning, breeding, molting, or conversion from seed-exclusive diets.



Critical Care