Supplies for Ferrets


Wysong Ferret Epigen 90-A grain and starch free diet designed to resemble that of wild carnivores.

Recovery and assist feeding

Oxbow Carnivore Care-A recovery formula for assist feeding ferrets and other carnivores needing extra nutrition due to illness or surgery

Emeraid Carnivore-Highly digestible and absorbable assist feeding diets designed for critically ill animals.

Treats and supplements

Wysong Dream Treats - A meat-only treat (available in chicken and pheasant flavors) with added vitamins, minerals, and probiotics

Edible Earth-A clay and mineral blend that soothes and detoxifies the digestive tract. Used as an adjunctive treatment of inflammatory bowel disease and other intestinal disorders.

Prozyme- An enzymatic, all-natural, food supplement that allows greater absorption of important nutrients. Used as an adjunctive treatment of inflammatory bowel disease.

Milk Thistle Seed extract (alcohol-free)- An herbal supplement that promotes healthy liver functions. Used as an adjunctive treatment of most liver diseases.

Nutrical- A high calorie palatable dietary supplement in paste form for pets requiring extra calories and vitamins during recovery.

Laxatone- A gentle but effective lubricant for elimination and prevention of hairballs

Benebac (mammal)- A gel providing a source of live, naturally-occuring microorganisms which help establish and maintain microbial population in the intestinal tract

HealX Releaves dietary supplement-A blend of sustainable red palm fruit oil and organic red raspberry leaves and extract. Used for animal with suspected hormonal imbalance and to reduce egg laying in birds.

HealX Omega-3 Booster dietary supplement-Non-synthetic sustainable omega-3 fatty acids, whole food nutrients and vitamin precursers plus antimicrobial activity for sick, immune-compromised or weak animals. It may also help with allergies.

Wound and skin care

HealX Soother Plus topical cream- A nontoxic natural pain reliever and antimicrobial cream for use on wounds of birds and small mammals

HealX Soother topical spray- A non-toxic soothing, topical spray with anti-itch and anti-inflammatory effects

Zn7 Derm Gel and Spray- A neutralized zinc based skin care topical that helps promote healing, soothes irritation, and relieves itching

Maxi Guard Oral Cleansing Gel- A natural, safe, and palatable oral cleansing gel which helps to keep teeth clean and gums healthy

Zymox- An ear cleanser containing natural antibacterial ingredients which is safe and easy to use

Bitter Apple Spray- A spray-on taste deterrent to help prevent licking and chewing of bandages, wounds, surgical sites, etc.