We Offer the Best Foods Available to Help Keep Your Exotic Pet Healthy!

AZEAH Mesa Office- Exotic Pet Food Selection

Proper nutrition is such an important part of keeping your exotic pet healthy that we strive to offer the best exotic pet foods we can find at both our Mesa and Phoenix hospitals.  With carefully selected brands such as Harrison's Bird Foods, Oxbow Animal Health, Wysong, Emeraid and ZooMed, we can help you meet the unique nutritional needs of your birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, hamsters, turtles and more!  


Congratulations, Pia!

Congratulations to Pia Bartolini, CVT (FL, CO), VTS (Exotics) for becoming an Exotic Companion Animal Veterinary Technician Specialist. In order to receive this certification she had to spend numerous hours studying, preparing case logs that she's been involved with, proving her husbandry knowledge and nursing skills with multiple different species, and then had to pass rigorous testing.


Trauma in Birds - Seminar

Dr. Stephanie Lamb, DVM, Dipl ABVP will be teaching a free seminar about Trauma in Birds on Saturday August 8th at 7pm with the Arizona Aviculture Society. The meeting and seminar will be at Faith United Methodist Church (8640 N. 19th Ave Phoenix, AZ). Please feel free to join us!


Tortoise Overpopulation

Dr. Jay Johnson taught a Desert Tortoise Sterilization Seminar for the United States Fish and Wildlife Service earlier this month to help other veterinarians learn how to sterilize male and female tortoises.
Overpopulation of desert tortoises (and other types of tortoise) is a huge concern affecting our native wildlife and pet populations. We strongly encourage all tortoise owners to discuss sterilization of their pet with their reptile veterinarian to help combat this issue.