Pre-Hibernation Examination Discounts!

Sept. 1st, 2016
Arizona Game and Fish Department

Attention desert tortoise and box turtle owners: Reduced-cost pre-hibernation health exams available Sept. 18 
Proceeds will be used to care for tortoises in the adoption program

With summer temperatures still exceeding 100 degrees, it’s hard to imagine that winter is coming and that soon desert tortoises will begin hibernation. To help ensure your native Sonoran desert tortoise or box turtle is healthy enough to hibernate and survive the cold winter temperatures, the Arizona Game and Fish Department’s Tortoise Adoption Program is sponsoring a pre-hibernation health clinic with reptile veterinarians from the Valley and Tucson.

The clinic will be held Sunday, Sept. 18 from 12-4 p.m. at the Arizona Exotic Animal Hospital ( located at 20040 N. 19th Ave., Suite C, Phoenix.

“This is a great opportunity to save money while ensuring your native desert tortoise or box turtle is healthy enough to enter hibernation, and to help other desert tortoises in need of care,” said Tegan Wolf, the coordinator of the Tortoise Adoption Program.

Health exams take approximately 15-30 minutes and will include a thorough physical exam, fecal test for parasites, and review of proper diet and care, including proper hibernation preparation. If left untreated, some diseases such as upper respiratory tract disease and intestinal parasites can be fatal. The cost will be $50 per tortoise, which is half of the normal tortoise exam price.

The veterinarians are donating their services and all proceeds from the health clinic will support the Tortoise Adoption Program and the tortoises in its care.

To make an exam appointment, please call the Arizona Exotic Animal Hospital at (623) 243-5200.

For more information on desert tortoise adoption,