Midori Matsushima

Midori has lived in Arizona since 2014, and she has thoroughly enjoyed learning about all of the wildlife here. She has always had a love for all kinds of animals, and wanted to work with them from a young age. Throughout her time in Mesa, she has come across all manner of birds and other creatures that have needed help, which has brought her to Liberty Wildlife many times, once even with a roadrunner. All of those experiences talking to people who dedicate their time and energy to working with animals that need help and aren’t able to help themselves made it clear in her mind that she wanted to find some way to do the same; either through volunteering, a career, or something else. Now that she has the great opportunity to work at a place that is open at any time for those who need it, she has been very excited to continue assisting the staff at AZEAH with whatever is needed to provide quality service to the animals and their owners.