Kathryn McRae, CVT

Kathryn was born and raised in Mississippi before her family moved to Arizona. She absolutely loved animals and wanted to work with them when it came time to choose a career. While living out in the middle of nowhere didn’t provide many shadowing opportunities, she was able to work with her own animals on her family’s small ranch/farm and it was then that her desire to become a veterinarian solidified. Kathryn decided she would start on her career path by becoming a certified veterinary technician and work toward becoming a veterinarian. Since graduating in 2018 she has been working and gaining experience in the veterinary field. Working as an exotic animal veterinarian is still her dream so she was excited for the chance to work for AZEAH as technician. She currently owns 2 dogs, 2 green cheek conures, a ferret, and a hedgehog, all of whom make her smile.

In her free time she likes to crochet, read, play video games, hike, play with her animals, and bug her wonderful husband.