Dr. Mike Corcoran, DVM

Dr. Mike Corcoran grew up in Houston, Texas.  Growing up, he always had a wide variety of pets at home including; dogs and cats, reptiles, birds, hamsters, fish and a ferret.  Having them around enriched his childhood and taught him many valuable lessons in life.  In junior high school he started volunteering for the Houston Zoo helping care for reptiles and small mammals.  After high school, Dr. Corcoran joined the Air Force and trained as a medic. He enjoyed the medical field and wanted to learn more about physiology and diseases. All of these experiences started him on the path of becoming a veterinarian.

After leaving the Air Force and completing his Bachelor’s degree he settled in Seattle.  Combining his interests in animal care and medicine led him to attend veterinary school at Washington State University.  During veterinary school, he had the opportunity to work with many exotic animals.  He spent a month working at a zoo in Chungdu, China and helped relocate wolves to a rescue facility among other great experiences.

Dr. Corcoran graduated veterinary school in 2008 and moved to Portland, Oregon. He started working at a large emergency and specialist hospital.  Working in such a fast paced environment and with specialists helped him further learn to practice high quality medical care.  Only a small number of exotic animals were seen at the hospital so he started his own exotic pet house call practice.  Through the house call practice he saw a large assortment of exotic pets including birds, reptiles, small mammals, and fish.

He developed a significant interest in the veterinary care of fish and other aquatic animals and became one of the founding members of the American Association of Fish Practitioners.  He was certified as a Certified Aquatic Veterinarian by the World Aquatic Veterinary Medical Association in 2014.  He believes in offering high quality veterinary care to aquatic animals similar to what is offered and available for all other pets.

When he learned about the opportunity to work at Arizona Exotic Animal Hospital in early 2013, it was exactly what he was looking for to further his professional career in exotic pet medicine.  He and his wife packed up the animals, including the fish, and moved to the sunshine of Mesa, Az. 

In his free time Dr. Corcoran enjoys scuba diving, hiking, cycling and taking his dogs to the park.  He also volunteers for the World Vets organization traveling to developing countries and helping to provided needed veterinary care. He is a consulting veterinarian for Wild Cat Haven in Portland.  He shares his home with two dogs, two cats, a ball python, a bearded dragon and two aquariums full of aquatic animal pets (one salt water and one fresh water).